FAQ Dental Pro 7 – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Dental Pro 7 is this product on recurring billing or Autoship?-

FAQ Dental Pro 7 – No you will only be charged once and once only, you will NEVER be billed again or sent more products without you placing a new order

#How Do I use this?

You simply brush your teeth with it (just like regular toothpaste)

Use 5 drops per application
FAQ Dental Pro 7 - Frequently Asked QuestionsIf this is so good, why didn’t my dentist tell me about it?
Dental Pro 7 is a 100% natural product, natural and holistic therapies are not practised or used in western dentistry (no matter how good or effective they are)

#Can I get this from my local shop/store/pharmacy?

No sorry, at the moment, you can only order it from this website. Click here to place an order

#Where do you ship to?

We ship to the following countries (for a single flat shipping rate… or FREE on anything above $80): USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Asia (Japan, China, India, Turkey, Russia, United Arab Emirates etc…). Sorry we don’t currently ship to Europe, Africa or South Africa

#How safe and secure is your website and my personal details?

We take online security very seriously so unlike most websites, Every single page on our site (not just the order page) is on a secure server and uses military grade 128 bit encryption (Just look up at the address bar in your internet browser and you will see a padlock icon has appeared)

The Payment processor we use is Paypal (the worlds most trusted and used online payment gateway)

Safeguarding your financial and personal information is one of Paypals most important priorities. That’s why they automatically encrypt all sensitive information sent between your computer and their servers.

We do not record, save or have access to any of your credit card details whatsoever. Nor will we ever email or call you about your credit card details.


#I don’t have a Paypal Account, How do I place an order? – FAQ Dental Pro 7

Don’t worry, You don’t need a Paypal account to place an order

Using a Paypal account is completely optional (Paypal will still process your order though) and you can use any debit, or credit card you like

When you get to the final checkout page screen (where it asks you to login), simply select ‘checkout as a guest’ or ‘pay with a debit credit card’

#Can I use this with an electric toothbrush? – FAQ Dental Pro 7

Yes you can use it with any kind of toothbrush

#Does Dental Pro 7 protect against cavities and/or tooth decay?

Yes it kills the plaque bacteria that lead to cavities and tooth decay

#Can I use this on my pet dog/cat/horse/rabbit etc…

No Sorry, just because it’s safe for humans, doesn’t mean it’s safe for pets, we don’t yet have the all the safety data for animals

#Any safety concerns or side effects – FAQ Dental Pro 7

FAQ Dental Pro 7 is very powerful and concentrated so we don’t recommend using it whilst pregnant or for anyone under the age of 12

There are no side effects but please read through the entire ingredient list to make sure you have no allergy or sensitivity issues

Dental Pro 7 contains no nut ingredients but is manufactured in a place that handles nut oils (Almond, hazlenut and Tamanu Nut)

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