Receding Gum and Sensitive Teeth to be related to each other

How to Deal with Receding Gums and Sensitive Teeth?

Receding Gums and Sensitive Teeth if not maintained properly will get a lot of problems. Receding gums and sensitive teeth are examples of dental problems that are often encountered. And both of these problems turned out to be related to each other. One cause of sensitive teeth is receding gums, and the initial symptoms of receding gums are excessive sensitive teeth.

Get to know the Receding Gums

Sensitive teeth are tooth conditions that are painful due to the hot or cold drinks you drink. Even in unusual cases, sweet and sour taste and even cold air can cause pain in sensitive teeth. It is known that receding gums and sensitive teeth are related to each other. Therefore, in handling it, so that it does not get worse, it is almost similar. Avoiding tooth sensitivity can reduce the severity of receding gums. Avoiding the severity of receding gums will also avoid hypersensitivity of teeth.

Maintaining Receding Gums

First is don’t brush your teeth too hard. Use pressure that is not too hard and the speed is not too fast so as not to hurt your teeth and even your gums. Besides, avoid foods and drinks that are acidic. Foods and drinks like soda, candy, and high-sugar carbohydrates should be avoided because it will hurt the condition of your teeth.

Foods and soft drinks recommended for sensitive teeth are fruits and vegetables, cheese, milk, and yogurt without additional flavorings and coloring. Then, avoid clenching your teeth too often because this can thin the enamel layer. Thinning enamel can make teeth more sensitive.

Receding Gums and Sensitive TeethAs already mentioned, receding gums is one of the causes of sensitive teeth. People aged 40 years and over are more at risk of suffering from receding gums and making teeth more sensitive. In addition to receding gums, gum disease, such as the accumulation of plaque and tartar on the teeth that eventually hit the gums, also causes sensitive teeth.

Another common cause that is known is the presence of a cracked tooth or filling. To find this out, you can go to the dentist and they can help you solve this problem.

How to treat sensitive teeth?

The usual treatment for sensitive teeth includes using toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth. This type of toothpaste is widely sold in the market, so you can easily get it. In addition, other treatments are using fluoride gel, filling, sealants, desensitizing paste (which is usually used without a toothbrush) and mouth guard, especially when you grind or often clench your teeth. Additional treatments that can be done is to use Dental Pro 7. Dental Pro 7 is unmatched, a product with natural ingredients that is nutritious.

Dental Pro 7 can help you overcome various dental and gum problems, one of which is receding gums. Even the natural ingredients won’t hurt your sensitive teeth so they are still comfortable to use. With receding gums resolved, your teeth will not be too sensitive anymore. So, goodbye receding gums and sensitive teeth.

Receding Gums and Sensitive Teeth

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