What Makes Teeth White | Does chewing gum make teeth white?

What Makes Teeth White – Does chewing gum make your teeth white?

What Makes Teeth White – After seeing many ads keep promoting their product, you must wonder which can give you the best result.

Best chewing gum for you

What Makes Teeth White? Here they are:

  1. Orbit

What special from this gum is, it is free of sugar. Moreover, it also uses aspartame and sorbitol as the double flavor combination. As a result, it can last longer to the typical gum. Meanwhile, the taste is quite similar to bubblegum with regular flavor, only with an addition of mint taste.

  1. Peelu

On the second top, this chewinggum comes out so strong at the first bite. Just the same as previous product, this one is also sugarless. However, Peelu is pliable enough to make a bubble. If you are a lover of peppermint scent or taste, this product will definitely the best choice you should take. The strong flavor comes from xylitol and natural peppermint oil.

  1. Trident

This product adds the choices of sugarless gum you can try. As the ad says, this product claims to have two-way whitening power. The first is to whiten teeth, and the second is to prevent it from stain. It does not have too strong flavor. However, it does not last for long as well.

  1. Mentos

On the last list, we have this well-known candy. Since around 2013, Mentos started to promote the Mentos Gum Pure White Sweet Mint. It is a worth whitening chewinggum you should try as many people give a good feedback after trying it.

What Gum Makes Your Teeth White – Whitening teeth product besides chewing gum

What Gum Makes Your Teeth White

Dental Pro 7 is a good product to take in solving any oral problems. Whether it is to whiten teeth, removing bad breath, or taking care of bleedinggum, Dental Pro 7 can take care of it all. Several types of mouthwashes and toothpaste may contain potentially harmful chemicals. Dental Pro 7 comes as the solution to avoid that.

What Makes Teeth White – In fact, this product has 700% higher antibacterial properties. It is so high that common antibacterial gels on the market cannot give. The solution is water-insoluble, means that it can penetrate the gum tissues with no need to rinse it off. If you want a product to take care of all your oral problems, Dental Pro 7 is definitely the best choice.

Those are all explanation we can share you related to the question of “What gum makes your teeth white?” Hopefully, the reference can help you to find the chewing gum you want.

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