Toothpaste Ingredients: The Secret to a Healthy Smile

Four Toothpaste Ingredients are contained in it: Toothpaste Ingredients – On average, we brush our teeth twice a day, in the morning and evening, it takes approximately 15 minutes, if we are 50 years old, we spend approximately 50-1×360 x 15 = 264,600 minutes or 4,410 hours. We will ask what ingredients to brush your teeth.


Fluoride is the active ingredient in toothpaste. The function of this material is to prevent cavities, besides that Toothpaste Ingredientsthis material helps the growth of tooth enamel and bone. Fluoride is useful for stronger teeth. Fluoride can remove food debris that sticks between the teeth between the teeth and between the gums and teeth. Food residue or food particles will cause tooth decay and result in bad breath.

Fluoride is a chemical that is toxic to the human body, especially for children’s toothpaste, most toothpastes contain low fluoride so they are recommended to be used in toothpaste.

Meanwhile, according to Daniel Sanderson owner of Call Nature that Fluoride is dangerous and even he said Fluoride is a poison that is very dangerous for health, especially for teeth and gums. From this problem, Daniel Sanderson took the initiative for his own health and helped others to make toothpaste and mouthwash called Dental Pro 7, which does not contain Fluoride.

Toothpaste Ingredients CONTAIN ABRASIVES

Abrasives are used at least 50% of lime or silica-based toothpastes. Abrasive Particles are insoluble, this material helps remove plaque and helps reduce the chances of contracting various dental diseases. In addition, Abrasive works to help remove stains from teeth and make your teeth shine

Daniel Sanderson, owner of Call Nature, believes that harmful artificial chemicals have side effects of toothpaste for health, especially teeth and gums. Like Flouride, Daniel Sanderson did not agree that toothpaste contains artificial chemicals (Abrasives), so the toothpaste product named Dental Pro 7 does not contain artificial chemicals.

Toothpaste ingredients contain water

Toothpaste generally contains water and this water is the main ingredient of toothpaste. The purpose of toothpaste ingredients contains water so that the toothpaste does not dry out and harden. In toothpaste, the water content is at least 20%. Toothpaste that does not contain water, the texture of the toothpaste will harden. This water content will determine the level of roughness of the toothpaste.

Meanwhile, according to Daniel Sanderson, owner of Call Nature, the water content in toothpaste will not last long to protect your teeth and gums in your mouth, as a result, other ingredients in toothpaste that contain water will quickly disappear from sticking to your teeth and gums and disappear along with throw away the rinse water used, that’s the biggest mistake if the toothpaste uses water content.

Furthermore, Daniel Sanderson made a toothpaste called Dental Pro 7 that does not use water but uses a concentrate, so that Dental Pro 7 will be strongly attached to your teeth and gums and will absorb to the depths of your gums.

Toothpaste ingredients contain surfactants

Surfactants can be said to be detergents. Not all of these ingredients are found in toothpaste, but many types of toothpaste contain surfactants

The use of toothpaste that contains surfactants as a foaming agent, allows toothpaste with this content to spread evenly to clean your teeth more thoroughly. This ingredient like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is one of the most commonly used toothpaste ingredients. SLS helps remove food debris that causes bacteria and plaque on the teeth. SLS has the potential to harm your oral health. It also works to remove stubborn stains on your teeth.

According to Daniel Sanderson, owner of Call Nature, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate as well as Fluoride is very dangerous for healthy teeth and gums. So Daniel Sanderson made a toothpaste that also functions as a mouthwash called Dental Pro 7 which does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

Toothpaste Ingredients


At least you can get an idea of ​​the ingredients used in toothpaste. Remember that toothpaste is a regular necessity in your life or you can use a doctor’s recommended toothpaste. Teeth and gums must be cared for for the rest of your life. You can use toothpaste with the ingredients described above or use toothpaste in the opinion of Daniel Sanderson, it is your choice and decision.

If you choose Dental Pro 7, you can buy it online on the official website, Note that Dental Pro 7 is not sold offline. This is done so that Dental Pro 7 maintains its authenticity and keeps it strictly from imitation. Did you know that product imitation can cause