Fluoride Dangers | Is Fluoride bad for you?

Fluoride Dangers – Is Fluoride bad for you?

Fluoride Dangers: The term fluoride must be familiar enough since it is a substance that must be contained in your toothpaste. It has a main function to strengthen the teeth and avoid problems like cavity. However, don’t you know that this is actually also really dangerous? It is also being one of the reasons why we must spit it out after brushing.

Is Fluoride bad for you?

The main danger of fluoride is when it is swallowed. The compound of this substance can be easily accumulated particularly on the areas of bones and glands. Since it particularly attacks those two important parts, the high level of fluoride is able to mess up the functions of body’s important organs. When it is accidentally consumed by baby or kid, the risk can be even more since the substance simply disturbs their body’s development. That’s why, the content of toothpaste is commonly different between it is for baby and for adult.

Fluoride Dangers

Is fluoride toxic to human?

Fluoride Dangers: Although it is dangerous enough, it cannot be said that it is simply toxic. Yes, it is because the effects are only felt after a long time period not immediately. However, aside from being accumulated on the bone and gland, based on the recent researches, it is proven also that fluoride has side effects for some body systems including the brain and reproduction. It is in line with the increase of Alzheimer risk. Meanwhile, it tends to damage the reproduction system including the quality reduction of sperms.

Fluoride Dangers – What does fluoride do to human body?

It is much better to use conventional toothpaste only in a small amount. Just after it is foamy, you must immediately spit it out and don’t use it to clean your throat area. Although there is only a small amount which is swallowed, it is still dangerous when being accumulated. As it has been mentioned above, fluorides tendency to attach on the bone, glands, and even brain and reproduction system.

Fluoride Dangers1

What does fluoride do to your body and mind?

Fluoride Dangers: Naturally, fluorideis functioned to protect the teeth by stopping and even curing the process of damage on the teeth. Therefore, the teeth indeed tend to be stronger and solid. More than that, it is also capable enough to kill certain germs and bacteria on the mouth. But this is also the problem, this chemical substance can also be poisonous and damaging when contacting the more sensitive organs. Yes, it is able to damage your inner organs.