Fluoride in Toothpaste – Dental Pro 7 free Fluoride

Fluoride in Toothpaste – Dental Pro 7 free Fluoride

Fluoride in Toothpaste is a chemical substance that must be contained in any toothpaste brands. It is believed to be effective to protect the teeth’s health and strength. However, there are also controversial things related to the Fluoride. Aside from some benefits, they are also some side effects for our body in general.

Is fluoride good or bad?

Fluoride In Toothpaste
Dental Pro 7 Fluoride Free

Fluoride in Toothpaste – It can be concluded that fluoride has those two sides. They are good and bad. This substance is good enough for its function to strengthen the teeth as well as protect them from damaged and cavity caused by bacteria. Meanwhile, it makes the enamel solid and the teeth in general become thicker. However, too much amount offluoride on teeth causes Fluorises for kids. Meanwhile, when it is swallowed and accumulated for a long time, some severe health problems may be occurred. They are brain damage, Alzheimer, lacking quality of sperms, thyroid disorder, and more.

Is fluoride found in toothpaste?

It is yes and actually not a big deal as long as the level is not too high. Meanwhile, the users must also be really careful in using such toothpaste. Make sure that you don’t apply it too much. Besides, don’t let it be swallowed although it may be something accidental. For kids, it will be better if thetoothpaste used has nofluoride at all.

Is fluoride in toothpaste necessary?

It can actually be said thatfluoride in toothpaste is necessary. However, it is not something exaggerating also to say that if there is toothpaste withoutfluoride, it is much better. In fact, fluoride is not the only substance that can be used to protect our teeth from damages. There are many natural ingredients out there with the same functions. Aside from being natural and effective, such ingredients to give no side effect for the teeth and your body in general. Fluoride in Toothpaste

Dental Pro 7 Vs Gum Infections

Dental Pro 7 no Fluoride

The main problem is; where is to find that kind oftoothpaste? You should not worry then since the solution is here. Dental Pro 7 noFluoride is recommended toothpaste for the absence of harmful chemical substances includingfluoride. It is made from natural ingredients and the production process is also clean and hygienic. toothpaste’s very good for you who have allergy and sensitivity toward commontoothpaste. Of course, for you who are resistant enough, it is still suggested to use Dental Pro 7 no Fluoride.